The Best Comforter for Summer


Nailing down the science of sleep is finicky business, when the perfect combination of factors enabling you to doze off into dreamland differs so greatly from person to person. Ambient conditions like the temperature and how dark or bright your room is play into it, but there are personal preferences and quirks too – some of us can’t sleep on too soft a mattress, whilst others can’t doze off if we’re not snuggled under a blanket or comforter.

This latter preference can be quite troublesome, especially if you tend to get too warm when you’re sleeping. It’s a scientifically backed fact that the human body prefers cooler conditions to sleep in. This is because our body dials down on the activity and cools off after a full day of operating at maximum capacity when we’re sleeping – think of it as a reset.

Now, if the mattress or blanket on our beds is too warm and insulating, trapping all your body heat, the excessive warmth is likely to disrupt sleep and either wake you up or make it difficult to nod off in the first place. Fortunately, although warm and cozy are two of the adjectives most commonly associated with comforters, not all of them are exclusively suitable for only winter use. Take a look at our picks for the best comforters for hot sleepers.

DOWNLITE Hypoallergenic 230 Down Filled Comforter

DOWNLITE Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blankets with Satin Trim - Light Weight - Perfect for Summer - Available in White & Ivory - 94' x 104'
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Lightweight and breathable, this luxuriously soft comforter is filled with down of fill power 550, letting you bring the cloud-soft, fluffy comfort of luxury hotels straight to your bedroom without being too heavy or warm to stifle you during warmer months. Hypoallergenic, using premium quality down unlikely to trigger a reaction from you as tuck yourself in for the night and delivering much more consistent temperatures than synthetic materials, this comforter tackles the age old problem of down shifting around and bunching up unevenly within the comforter thanks to its sewn-through construction, meaning each of the stitched 4 inch squares prevent the down from moving about when you’re sleeping or when it’s time to give the comforter a wash.

An inch of soft satin trim enhances the luxurious and classy aesthetic of this comforter, whilst the cotton keeps your comforter soft and breathable for warm nights. Cotton of higher thread counts is also a great option if you share your bed with a pet, to minimize how much hair your bedding clings to, and making laundry days that much easier.

Speaking of laundry, this comforter also happens to be machine washable and dryable, which is a huge relief for those perpetually dreading having to tackle bulky comforters and duvets at home. Available in Oversized Queen size, if you find that the blanket is too big for your machine, you could opt for a trip to the laundromat, or send it to a professional cleaner if you don’t trust yourself to handle a large, moisture-heavy comforter post-laundry and pre-drying. The comforter ought to be washed at least every week if you’re using it on its own – since it is collecting dirt and dust all the time – or once a month if you’re using it with a topsheet or comforter cover. The product is available in two classic colors, white and ivory (all the more reason, we think, to consider covers or topsheets, so you can keep the item pristine and spotless without risking any stains).

Zen Bamboo Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Zen Bamboo Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter All Season Hotel Quality Duvet Insert with Cooling Bamboo Blend Fabric King and Cal King Gray
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Down can be considered the paragon of luxury and comfort when it comes to duvets and comforters, but it’s also associated with higher price points. Don’t worry though – we’re here to reassure you that you can still get your hands on a plushy, fluffy, lightweight and perfectly breathable down comforter paralleling the indulgence you’d expect at a luxury hotel. Available in sizes for twin to California King size beds and in six colors covering black, white and a handful of classic statement grays in between, this comforter uses 40% rayon derived from bamboo and 60% soft brushed microfiber to create a brilliant and reasonably priced alternative for a down option.

Hypoallergenic and derived from a sustainable source, this eco-friendly material ensures your comforter remains temperature-regulating and lightweight, while also being remarkably simple to care for and maintain. The comforter is stain, fade and wrinkle resistant, so you can toss it into the wash in cool water and tumble-dry, without worrying about permanent staining, iffy spot treatments or redistributing fill that’s shifted about unevenly.

Climabalance #1 Hypoallergenic Comforter

Lightweight All Year Down Alternative Comforter Queen - Breathable Patented Design - Increases Deep Sleep Phases up to 50% - Virgin Polyester - Queen 88' x 88'
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Another down alternative comforter, this hypoallergenic item is structured out of soft, breathable and durable polyester and premium Super Soft Sensofill Fiber. The comforter is built to be resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew and any other allergens which might otherwise fester in your bedding and cause you to become sick, the all-season comforter easy to maintain – just toss it into your washing machine on a gentle cycle and you’ll have it good as new in no time.

But we’ve yet to touch on the best thing about this blanket – essentially, its great temperature regulating properties. This temperature regulating comforter features a mesh fabric that works to release excess heat so the blanket doesn’t end up trapping ambient warmth or your body heat slow-cooks you as you struggle to get comfy enough to doze off.

The ventilation keeps you cool and makes for restful sleep, working to vent the humidity away from your body up to three times faster than other comforters. You can even use this comforter inside a duvet cover (you’ll have to pinpoint and match the size first, however). This item has also been shown to assist deep sleep phases by 50%, even endorsed by a German national soccer team thanks to how it intuitively improved the team’s sleep time and quality. The unit is available in two sizes, for twin and queen sized beds – the one downside with this unit would be the lack of range in sizes.