How to Decide Between Charcoal and Pellet Smokers


Barbecue might be the quintessential American past-time, but it’s a bit too broad and ambiguous to cover all the possibilities of backyard cooking. Typically, you can break down the category into three – smoking, barbecuing and grilling – each method differing somewhat depending on cooking temperature and cooking time. Smoking, for instance, involves slow-cooking, at …

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The Best Pellet Smoker

wood fire

Smoking your roast chicken or pork chops adds that extra oomph of flavor and taste, with the deep, rich and delectable undertones you’d expect from a smokehouse. But if you’re too daunted by the task of smoking with charcoal, considering the prep-work and constant vigilance you’ll be practising lighting, stoking and maintaining your fuel, you …

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The Best Charcoal Smoker

charcoal fire

If you’re looking for that delectable smoky goodness in your slow-cooked ribs or perfectly done briskets, charcoal smoking is the way to go. The depth and nuance of layered flavors you can achieve with assorted wood-chips and charcoal, letting you control the balance you’re hoping to strike, is unparalleled when you’ve got a charcoal smoker …

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